Work Package 8:
Experiences with facilitated ACP

This Work Package is led by the University of Nottingham, working closely with colleagues in the Universitair Medisch Centrum, Utrecht


  • To gain insight into how patients respond to facilitated ACP
    • The identification of the range and variety of concerns that patients raise in facilitated ACP discussions and to compare these across countries, identifying similarities and differences
    • The identification of cross-cultural similarities and differences in patients' response to facilitated ACP
  • To gain insight into the lived experience of patients being involved in facilitated ACP and how this evolves over time
  • To gain insight into the process of ACP from the perspective of patients' relatives and professional caregivers and its consequences for their own roles and process
  • To evaluate the delivery of the ACP intervention from the perspective of the facilitators
  • To explore the reasons and perspective of patients who refuse consent for the intervention arm of the RCT